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Financial Wellness
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We are on a mission to disrupt, transform, and impact the future of personal finance, and financial wellness as a whole, in order to make it inclusive for all. Being guided by the UN’s sustainable goals, we are making conscious advancements in gender equality and economic empowerment, while reducing inequalities.


3 Ways we are driving Social Change


To address the gender pay gap and other structural financial inequalities women face, our commitment is to ensure that more than 50% of our app users are self-identified women or non-binary and at least 51% are business owners who self-identify as women or as non-binary.


We strive to improve the economic status of communities by partnering with local businesses, as a way to help them prosper and create jobs which nurture local economic growth and overall community wellness.

Partnerships for
Financial Inclusion

Given the systemic and structural barriers some communities face in accessing the traditional financial system, our goal is to reduce those barriers by forming partnerships with key stakeholders, in order to offer digital tools for underbanked communities. We want underbanked communities to learn about, and be part of, a financial system that works for them.


Impact Report


We are excited to share, with our supporters, our progress on the sustainable goals we set for ourselves this year. In this report, we discuss our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and Belonging, as well as share updates about where we are now, where we intend to go in the future, and what we are actively doing to get there.

Community Partnerships

Our community partnerships serve the purpose of bringing resources and services that support the financial wellness of our communities.

Women in AI - logo bold black.png

Women in AI

Women in AI is a nonprofit working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits global society.


Born Global

Born Global is a nonprofit committed to support diverse entrepreneurs and investors with a global mindset and to interconnect local and international innovation ecosystems.


WomenTech Network

WomenTech Network is a global platform powered by Coding Girls, Tech Family Ventures and Tallocate promoting diversity in tech, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Financial Wellness Blog

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