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Core Team


Bhuva Subram
Founder & CEO



Bhuva Subram is a FinTech transformation entrepreneur at Wallet Max, passionate about ESG inclusion and sustainable digital innovation.  With an MBA from Columbia university and as a Senior Director from Capgemini, she has managed diverse global teams and launched several financial products in the investment banking and regulatory compliance industry.  As a dual-graduate in computer science and software engineering, Bhuva leads Women in AI non-profit globally as the Chief Ethics & Culture Officer (CECO), and is an early-stage investor in social impact startups with a mission to accelerate education and economic growth while reducing inequalities.


Luz Reyna
Chief of Staff



Luz is a social impact startup strategist to entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives.  She has brings in management experience running campaigns, building nonprofits and now start ups. Luz enjoys problem solving and applying her cross-functional leadership skills to make great ideas a reality.  She is extremely committed to supporting innovative solutions to our world's pressing problems through entrepreneurship, tech, advocacy and community.


Ann-Kathrin Dobre
Financial Consultant



Ann-Kathrin is a financial consultant for startups. She helps entrepreneurs to put their vision into numbers by forecasting cash flows and funding needs with a financial model. She started her career in corporate finance with various roles in M&A, project finance and wealth management. In her last role - she was the Head of Finance of a plant-based meat startup, raising a large seed round.


Sneha Rajen

Data Scientist



Sneha is a data scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the technology and research industries. She is driven by data science for good initiatives, entrepreneurship, and Women in STEM advocacy. Sneha completed her Bachelors in Informatics from the University of Michigan and is currently pursuing her Masters in Artificial Intelligence at Johns Hopkins University.


Maria Klokow

Graphic Designer



Maria is a freelance graphic designer and web developer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Focused on impact-driven projects, they tackle small and big business projects that make a difference.


Tina Pienkuukka
Content Writer



Tina (she/her) is a media and communications professional and DEI&B advocate. Tina has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Media Production (University of Winchester, UK), and is about to complete her Master of Arts Degree in Intercultural Communication (University of Jyväskylä, Finland). In her free time, Tina can be found drinking coffee, learning a language, or planning her next trip abroad.


Advisory Board

Yang Cheung
Product Advisor



Yang is a Co-Founder and CPO at One Creation Corporation. She began her career at Goldman Sachs and has since spent 16 years building and leading enterprise software products and global cross functional teams in multiple industries. Yang has been an executive leader with many years of success in design, development, launch and growth of enterprise software products for corporations and startups.


Maribeth Martorana
FinTech Advisor



Maribeth is a Product Development Executive Leader with a passion for what’s next and improving what’s now for companies that value innovation as a market advantage in financial software. Maribeth was Director of Product Strategy at Moody’s Analytics and managed FinTech Sandbox Data Partnership. Maribeth is CFA charter holder and has been a member of the CFANY’s Fintech Thought Leadership Group.


Ari Kalfayan
Startups Advisor



Ari is a Sr. Business Dev Manager at AWS in charge of AI/ML startups - focused on helping early-stage founders building AI/ML startups with growth acceleration & product market fit. He is also an early stage startup investor via his new syndication, Next Wave AI. Ari led data labeling tech sales at Figure Eight (sold for $300M), and was in the ML founding team at Weights & Biases ($170M raised).


Caitlin Everett
Design Advisor



Caitlin is a human-centered Digital Product Designer and Design Coach with a passion for sharing pragmatic design thinking tools and empowering others to be boldly creative. She combines a strong background in visual art with a love for science and an appetite for challenges. Caitlin champions research-based, outcome and evidence-driven approaches to product design.


Andrey Osipov
Engineering Advisor



Andrey's experience is in building technological products which are not only fit for purpose but bring innovation and push the boundaries, and with a passion to help young entrepreneurs to embody their vision and turn it into digital products that make a difference. Andrey looks to build relationships, learn the essence of any business and offer technology and practices to deliver the most value.


YJ Lin
Sales Advisor



As a Sr. Program Manager for Dell Technologies supporting startups, beyond managing product backlogs & pitch competitions - YJ enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs throughout their journey and continues to facilitate those conversations through a podcast,, where guests have unapologetic, casual and transparent conversations about the trials and tribulations of their entrepreneurial journey.


Mentors & Interns


Courtney Bernabei
Marketing Mentor - Digital and Social



Courtney is a Marketing Executive with over 16 years of experience, and a successful entrepreneur. She has led accounts at various ad agencies managing internal and external client marketing needs - from strategy evolution through to creative development and execution across all mediums and B2B, B2C and B2G sectors.


Zhixuan Fan

Social Media Intern



Fan is a social media engagement intern at Wallet Max and a current grad student at University of Southern California (USC), majoring in Digital social media. Her interest in digital marketing began during her junior year as the social media specialist for podcast series, and was awarded journalism fellowship during senior year by the Carnegie-Knight. Fan is also a social media assistant at USC.


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