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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve overall personal financial wellness and social inclusion by providing tools to help everyone feel empowered and free from financial stress.


Our Culture


At Wallet Max, you’ll work side by side with company leaders, creatives, and innovators passionate about financial wellness and inclusion. We are committed to ensuring everyone has the access to tools and resources to live their best financial lives.



We show up authentically, as ourselves, and do our work with heart and integrity. To us, living authentically means to embrace our purpose to be our truest and best selves and spark honest conversations, personal growth, and empowerment within our community. We also make a conscious effort to give space to others to show up as their authentic selves.



Community brings us together, and together we create change. We are invested in building a thriving community that promotes transparency, radical honesty, respect, communication, and genuine understanding. We do this through the creation of safe spaces in which all community members can feel like they belong.



We understand that serious changes need to be made in both business and mindset, in order to reach a sustainable future for our planet and humanity. At Wallet Max, we ensure our goals and activities have a positive social, environmental, and economic impact that creates a world in which everyone can thrive and prosper.


Join our Team


Interested in joining our team? Check out our job openings. If you don’t see anything available, but you’re interested in supporting our mission, please get in touch.

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