Meet Wallet Max Team - Luz Reyna, Brand Strategist

Updated: Jun 5

This week, we interviewed our Wallet Max Brand Strategist, Luz Reyna.

Luz is a social impact startup strategist to entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives. As a nimble generalist, she brings her expertise as a grassroots organizer, a former advisor to a congressman and a serial campaign manager for more representative leadership across diverse communities. Luz is a daughter of immigrants and a first generation college graduate from Willamette University.

Please tell us a little about your professional background.

I am a mission-driven brand strategist, social entrepreneur, and 2x founding non-profit executive director. I'm passionate about helping people and companies find their "why" and make it a reality with the power of storytelling, branding, organizational design and community building. As an activist, I am passionate about helping the tech industry understand the importance of leading with mission-driven values and having a positive social impact in the world.

From politics to tech to entrepreneurship, I am highly knowledgeable in strategic planning and execution, creative system/organizational design for social and community impact, strategic communications, public affairs, fundraising, diversity recruitment and board and leadership development.

I am also extremely committed to advancing innovative solutions through entrepreneurship for social and economic justice, financial wellness, and diversity, equity and inclusion practices in leadership.

How did you get involved with Wallet Max?

I got to know Bhuva (Wallet Max CEO) and was really impressed with her mission to promote financial inclusion and wellness for underbanked communities. I truly support her mission and leadership as a woman in the AI and fintech industries. She leads with clarity, conviction, great creativity and dedication. I feel inspired to work alongside her and the company.

Why do you believe in Wallet Max?

I believe in Wallet Max’s vision to help historically underrepresented communities to attain freedom from financial stress. Wallet Max is working hard to provide an AI-driven financial assistant and helpful tools for intelligent savings using digital wallets. It is extremely important for us to do trust building, educate and advocate for economic inclusion by offering digital tools that form life-long habits, and reshape how we think and work towards a better financial future.

What incentive do you think would persuade users to join Wallet Max?

I think what would incentivize users to join Wallet Max is the easy use of tools to maximize credit card rewards. But also the educational part of helping people achieve financial wellness. I do wonder if your prime target audience is predominantly people with bank accounts who can get credit cards, but also those who may not have one yet because of systemic barriers or distrust in the banking system as a whole.

If we can address this to get them all in the system, it would be powerful and truly a step in the right direction to promoting financial inclusion and financial wellness, because everyone deserves a shot at building credit, using their rewards but also using tools to break the generational cycle of poverty to build generational wealth.

Who do you think would benefit from using the Wallet Max app?

I think people with credit cards, but also perhaps those who are on the fence about the banking system as a whole. If we can bridge trust between those eligible underbanked communities to use credit, it can be transformational for helping them build credit and eventually getting a mortgage to buy a home, or getting a loan to start a business. I think this is how people can build generational wealth by buying assets and letting them appreciate.

What is one piece of advice you would like to give for the Wallet Max founding team members and to Bhuva (CEO) herself?

I am a huge fan of Simon Sinek’s philosophy of leading with “why”. Many of us know “what” we do and “how” we do it, but when we communicate the reason “why” we are doing this, it really distinguishes us greatly from everyone else.

When we come to work and feel a part of something bigger than ourselves, it motivates, inspires and empowers leadership, the team and the customers (see Impact Theory’s interview with Simon).

I believe in a world where we are making social impact through innovative and creative thinking and entrepreneurship. That’s why I think Bhuva is on to a really great mission in the AI/Fintech industry, and I admire her for that.