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Our Mission


Our mission is to improve overall personal financial wellness and social inclusion by providing tools to help everyone feel empowered and free from financial stress.


About Wallet Max​


Wallet Max is your intelligent financial wellness assistant that proactively saves time and money with lifestyle maximizing digital rewards for socially responsible retail shoppers.  Wallet Max accelerates economic growth in local communities by offering exclusive and affordable loyalty discount programs for sustainable small businesses to expand.


Wallet Max is committed to empowering secure and inclusive financial access for everyone, especially the unbanked and the underbanked, and providing quality investment education globally through our proprietary rewards personalization and real-time predictions engine.


Impact Report


We are on a mission to disrupt, transform, and impact the future of personal finance, and financial wellness as a whole, in order to make it inclusive for all. Being guided by the UN’s sustainable goals, we are making conscious advancements in gender equality and economic empowerment, while reducing inequalities.

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We are proud to offer a space to support economic inclusivity, where we discuss our financial wellness goals and journeys.