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Your Financial Wellness, Rewarded

Sustainable businesses and retail shoppers can now make a positive climate impact with our inclusive, AI-powered, human-centric app.

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How Wallet Max Works

An illustration of the world with a golden ring around it with the words: Climate Conscious Business Marketplace.

For Sustainable Businesses

Attract new customers, leverage Wallet Max discount programs, tap into financial education resources, and collaborate with other sustainable local businesses. Create a positive climate impact while growing your business.

For Consumers

Receive personalized rewards, discover local businesses, and get discounts for sustainable brands. Tap into financial coaching options and join an inclusive community.

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What Our AI Assistant Can Do For You

Local and Sustainable Businesses

Attract new customers

Simplify discount launches

Streamline cashback rewards and cross-redemption both online and in-store

Seamless customer experience

Free tools for financial wellness

Learn from an inclusive community

Develop long-term customer and partner relationships

Climate-Conscious Consumers

Personalized discounts
Discover local businesses
Manage reward cards and cashback deals
Personalized spending and saving insights
Instant checkouts
Options to donate or invest savings
Much more!

An illustration of four diverse people working together to water a plan that is sprouting money.

Supporting Inclusive Finance

Financial wellness, climate action, and social inclusion are essential for successful communities and a  sustainable market. We aim to create a green business community with AI-powered tools, financial literacy, and inclusivity.

We are a sustainable, women-led initiative passionately acting on the
UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Wallet Max supports Earth Day’s actions for reduced carbon initiatives, climate education, and community engagement.


With over two decades of experience crafting financial-crisis plans for banks, overseeing mergers and acquisitions, and implementing AI tech, Founder Bhuva Shakti has brought Wallet Max to life by collaborating with leaders in the business, fintech, and sustainability space.

Our expert advisors, partners, and mentors enable us to create an inclusive and planet-positive community.

Bhuva Shakti is the a fractional COO and part of the executive women team that works for climate action.

Bhuva Shakti
Chief Sustainable
Innovation Officer

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