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What is Wallet Max?

Wallet Max is an inclusive eco-business marketplace that connects local, sustainable businesses to consumers quickly and efficiently through a planet-positive community.

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Our Mission

At Wallet Max we believe in the value of financial wellness, sustainability, and social inclusion. With the right approach, it’s possible to achieve all three.
We are creating positive change through an AI-powered, human-centric marketplace that connects sustainable small businesses to consumers. We aim to accelerate economic growth in local communities with exclusive loyalty programs and foster financial inclusion through educational resources and personalized rewards.


In our commitment to support climate action, inclusion, and financial wellness, we are taking action to aid climate literacy and build a planet-positive market. Wallet Max creates sustainable growth opportunities for businesses and initiates change through financial literacy for all.


We all have the power to take action again climate change. But we can only create change together. That’s why Wallet Max centers on inclusivity, education, and environmental action while supporting sustainable businesses. Our community accomplishes this through initiatives for reducing carbon, supporting sustainable businesses, and providing tools for financial wellness.

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Our Values


We all have unique perspectives and talents to support the planet-positive mission —so it’s important we embrace who we are.


Making room for others enables us to make a bigger change. 


Outside-the-box thinking ensures our team can solve any challenge and find ways to balance our climate-conscious values with growth.


Every action we take aims to have a positive impact on our communities, environment, and economies. 


We appreciate our customers, businesses, team members, partners, and investors by including everyone in our community. 

Wallet Max in the News

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Industry Leaders

Consumers, businesses, and partners leverage our team of innovators, creators, advisors, and mentors. Our team of innovators, creators, advisors, and mentors have decades of experience in financial services, AI technology, social impact initiatives, and community building.


Bhuva Shakti
Chief Sustainable
Innovation Officer

Headshot of Yang Cheung, Product Advisor for Wallet Max

Yang Cheung
Product Advisor


Apoorva Arun

UX/UI Designer


Mars Klokow
Graphic Designer &

Web Developer

Impact Report

Wallet Max invests in and acts on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our products, services, and community revolve around inclusivity, diversity, and green initiatives to ensure a better world.

Our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Reducing carbon emissions (SDG 12)
Promoting clean energy (SDG 7)
Employee diversity and inclusion (SDG 10)
Pay equality for women (SDG 5)
Empowering small and sustainable businesses (SDG 8)
Real-time sustainability predictions (SDG 13)
Quality financial education (SDG 4)
Strengthen global partnerships (SDG 17)

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Want to make an impact? Join our fully remote, women-led team at Wallet Max and help us create an inclusive community. Whether you work in software, AI, marketing, or finance, we need your expertise.

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We all have the power to contribute to a better future through inclusivity, green businesses, and supporting sustainable communities. We do this through actively pursuing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and advocating financial and environmental literacy in alignment with Earth Day initiatives. 


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One of the biggest risks any business can take is failing to invest in its people. We may use cutting-edge technology, but we know sustainability and financial wellness are all about the humans who make it happen. That’s why we aim to empower everyone in our community, from our team members to business owners and consumers.

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