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We are excited to announce our speaker list! If you are interested in applying to be a speaker, fill out the form below



Wallet Max is proud to partner with our sponsors that share a similar vision to transform the future financial wellness, sustainable finance and inclusion.

Why EMERALD Summit


Join us for a virtual day of inspirational talks, networking events, financial wellness guidance and resources for anyone who is curious about improving their personal or business finances through smart use of shopping rewards.

Get access to exclusive talks from master financial freedom experts, meet friends from all over the world and walk away with the tools, inspiration and other *gems* to propel you to financial success. 

EMERALD Summit gems

Motivational Speaker

Top Speakers 

Learn from uplifting, enriching and authentic talks that will help you manage money better, saving money, pay off debt, maximizing financial rewards and more.

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Community Networking

Build community with like minded people who are looking for ways to cultivate better financial habits and mindset

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Financial Coaches

Interactive Q&A with financial wellness experts, coaches and advisors

with us

Join our
financial wellness community

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