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Meet Wallet Max Team - Caitlin Everett, Design Advisor

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

This week, we interviewed our Wallet Max Design Advisor (Product & Services), Caitlin Everett.

Caitlin is a human-centered Digital Product Designer and Design Coach with a passion for sharing pragmatic design thinking tools and empowering others to be boldly creative. She combines a strong background in visual art with a love for science and an appetite for challenges. Caitlin champions research-based, outcome and evidence-driven approaches to product design.

Please tell us a little about your professional background.

I have been a UX designer for about 10 years now, and I’ve worked on all sorts of interesting projects - from Radio Network Infrastructure to Public Safety - Insurance to Industrial Supplies.

My current focus is a technology that empowers social work - my favorite challenge yet. Getting here was not super straightforward, though. I studied art in college and found my way to UX along a winding path, like lots of Designers have.

I needed to pay rent in NYC and was interested in ecology, so I went to work for a really cool textile recycling company in Brooklyn. I learned web design and a little bit of coding to be helpful there, through trial and error and the incredible luck of having super smart friends. A very kind engineer taught me HTML in the simplest and friendliest way imaginable. That is really how I found my way to UX.

How did you get involved with Wallet Max?

Serendipitously! Some of my professional groups formed a collaborative

relationship, and I lucked into this wonderful group of people!

Why do you believe in Wallet Max? Additionally, who do you think would most benefit from using Wallet Max app? Why?

The primary reason I believe in Wallet Max’s potential is that I believe in community building and supporting it. Bhuva is brilliant and patient - the qualities you’d hope for most in a founder. Our Women in AI USA community is also very rich with super smart people who want to invest our very precious time and energy in good causes.

As far as the potential of the product goes, there are some practical uses of Wallet Max that will benefit everyone; point of sale credit card recommendations are long overdue. The additional altruistic goals of Wallet Max and the spirit of using fintech to benefit Sustainability Goals make it all the more interesting to me as a creative person. I’d much rather hitch my wagon to a company actively doing good than one for whom it is much more of an afterthought. If we can accomplish the goals of helping with financial literacy and access, then all the better.

What is one piece of advice you would like to give for the Wallet Max founding team members and to Bhuva (CEO) herself?

Let’s keep pushing the brand forward seriously. We have such a good foundation for

it - and it still has some growing to do. Also, think about and invest in design like you

might grow a garden– plant a little more than you need - water it and prune it and let it

flourish and bloom. Serve the best to your community and enjoy the rest.

What incentive do you think would persuade new users to join Wallet Max?

When we combine an easier point of sale credit card selection process with clear ESG

benefits, we will be unstoppable.

Finally, I just wanted to take a moment and thank Katie So and Moe Abusway for their excellent contributions to our internship program last semester. They invented some of the most important parts of our user experience and brand.


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