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Join our Eco-Business Network

Our planet-positive community brings together diverse networks of startups, businesses, eco-conscious consumers, and impact investors to share knowledge and collaborate on innovations that solve sustainable and climate challenges globally.

A screencap of the Planet Positive Hub on a smartphone and a small golden circle with an earth icon in the lower right-hand corner.
Three people putting together a puzzle that looks like the earth.

Why Join the Wallet Max Hub?

Finding a community of like-minded, passionate individuals can be challenging—for consumers and businesses alike. But to solve today’s climate and ethical business problems, we must find solutions together.

In the Wallet Max Hub, members can meet other climate-conscious individuals and businesses in our informal marketplace, form partnerships, and learn from each other. We also host regular seminars and events in the Hub.

3 Ways the Hub Helps to Highlight Your Brand

Business owners and startup founders can use the Hub to foster partnerships and a loyal customer base. You can:

Leverage our community chat or discussions to learn about sustainability or validate product ideas. 

Share discounts to test new promotions. 

Host a panel or a Planet Positivity Talk to spread awareness for your cause or brand.

Learn from Sustainability Experts

Hub members tap into green business and diversity expertise in our Planet Positive Podcast series. Keep up-to-date on key industry trends and get your questions about growing a sustainable business answered.

Past topics from fellow founders, business owners, and climate action advocates include:

The future of textile waste reduction
Maintaining financial wellness for sustainable businesses
Must-have tools for planet-positive businesses

Rectangles with Past Planet Positive Talks

Leverage our Informal Marketplace

Our community provides a platform for businesses to share special promotions for their products and services. Use our network to gain customer feedback, test ideas, and spread brand awareness.

A blue circle with a gift icon inside and the words: Sustainable Business Discounts & Rewards

More ways to grow in the Wallet Max Hub

Meet climate-conscious business leaders and consumers
Learn about sustainable growth from community members
Be the first to hear about financial wellness events
Validate ideas in the inclusive community chat
Contribute and build your brand
Discover strategic partnerships

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Get Started

Change begins with one step forward. Create an impact and strengthen your business with the support of our inclusive community.

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Learn from business, fintech, and sustainability experts on how to grow your business with AI, DEI, ESG, and climate action trends.

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