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Your Personal AI Financial Assistant

Expand your customer base, streamline discount programs, boost your customer experience, and contribute to a positive climate impact. Discover how your business can support inclusion and financial wellness with our AI-driven sustainable marketplace marketplace.usinesses and retail shoppers can now make a positive climate impact with our inclusive, AI-powered, human-centric app.

An illustration of a man sitting next to a giant smartphone and texting with a robot inside of the phone responding with financial advice.

How Do Businesses Benefit from Wallet Max?

Small, sustainable, and local businesses can attract new customers through unique rewards and cashback offers. We support businesses in achieving financial wellness in many ways, including:

Unique, streamlined discount programs

Free financial wellness resources

Learn from financial planning experts

Leverage AI to reach new planet-positive customers

Join an inclusive community

How Wallet Max Works

Three circles with the SDG goals representing the Wallet Max business awards.

Local and sustainable SDG-friendly businesses sign up for our program and are qualified by the Wallet Max team.

A screenshot of the Planet Positive Hub with a speech bubble and heart illustrations.
A green gift with a yellow ribbon next to a smaller purple gift with a yellow ribbon, representing business rewards.
An illustration of a black woman, representing a sustainable shopper receiving personalized rewards.
Line graphic

Approved businesses add their rewards, cashback offers, and other opportunities.

Another line graphic

The rewards are matched to consumer preferences.

A third line graphic

Businesses and consumers can join our community or tap into financial wellness coaching options for additional support.

Join a Financially-focused Community

The Wallet Max Hub is a global planet-positive network of individuals and eco-businesses that enables people to share their knowledge and build quality relationships.

The Hub isn’t just about savings and rewards. It’s about finding more ways to drive inclusivity and climate-based initiatives.

A screencap of the feed from the Wallet Max Hub showcasing our Planet Positive talks.


Easily manage rewards and cashback opportunities, get personalized discounts, and be notified of new deals? 

Wallet Max provides an intelligent shopping experience for your favorite local and sustainable businesses.


Collaboration makes change possible. That’s why we center our partners. Your organization can support our mission in three ways:

Financial Inclusion
Sustainability & Social Impact
Positive Climate Action

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