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Top 5 Zero-Waste and Bulk Stores in NYC (2024)

Updated: Jun 22

zero waste stores nyc

If you're looking for the best zero waste shops in New York City, you're in the right place.

Zero waste shops are a relatively recent movement that has emerged to show that physical stores can still exist and thrive without adding to the earth’s problems.

But as the Americans are becoming more aware of pressing environmental issues, an increasing number of us are choosing to seek out a dedicated alternative to buy their goods instead.

Did you know that there are around 1,300 stores that are focused on zero waste or have large zero-waste sections across America?


Why Waste-Free Stores Help Our Planet

How do zero waste shops help the Earth and ourselves (the consumers) at the end of the day?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider checking out these eco-friendly, waste-free refill stores. 

They cut out the packaging

packaging zero waste stores nyc
No more standard packaging

Zero waste shops stand out because they ditch single-use packaging. Instead of coming home with heaps of non recyclable cardboard and plastic, you either bring your own containers or use the shop's glass jars and paper bags. This simple and easy switch can drastically cut down plastic waste!

Less food goes to waste

Shoppers at zero waste shops can buy just the amount they need, avoiding waste and saving money by not overpaying for excess food.

Buying in bulk is more efficient

bulk buying zero waste stores nyc

Buying your everyday essentials in bulk from zero waste shops, you can cut down on frequent trips to the store, and thus– saving you time and reducing your carbon footprint.

This approach not only conserves resources, helps you save, but also streamlines your shopping routine.

Healthier lifestyle

healthy lifestyle nyc sustainable stores

Shopping at zero waste stores shifts focus from quantity to quality– choose whole, locally sourced ingredients versus processed, low quality supermarket foods.

This encourages healthier eating and creativity in the kitchen, steering you away from junk food and leaning you towards more nutritious meals.


The Best Zero-Waste Stores in New York City

If you're in New York City and looking to reduce waste, here are the top 5 zero-waste stores you should check out. 

1. Precycle - Brooklyn

Precycle paves the way in NYC for being the first package-free bulk grocery store located in the hub of Brooklyn.

This new-fashioned store gets a wide variety of products from local farmers and distributors, being open about the food traveling from farm to table.

Customers are motivated to bring reusable containers to reduce waste, lest they can be bought from the store.

Precycle’s selection ranges from fresh fruits and vegetables to grocery staples to snacks and even personal and home care items, both in-store and delivered.

Being a B Corporation certified business, Precycle adheres to the highest environmental and responsibility standards, becoming a vanguard of shopping with a sustainable approach in New York City.

2. The Wally Shop - Brooklyn

The Wally Shop, located in Brooklyn, is one zero waste grocery haven where you can have anything ranging from pantry essentials, household cleaners all in reusable packages.

Customers make online orders and their baggages are delivered in the reversible and reusable packaging and with a deposit system in place one can recycle the same.

This eco-friendly shop offers customers a wide choice of goods, namely baking ingredients, drinks, snacks and pet accessories all the same satisfying the diversity of needs and staying true to the concept of eco-friendliness.

The Wally Shop's unique system of delivery in reusable containers along with the founder Tamara Lim’s inspiring journey from frustration to action provides a compelling example of sustainable shopping.

The Package Free Shop is one of its kind shopping destinations for the ones looking for body care basics such as hand soaps, body washes and deodorants.

This shop is easily accessible both online through the website and physically through a physical store in New York City.

The eco-friendly stance taken by the Package Free Shop is reflected in the multitude of products the shop stocks, such as household items, personal care and other essentials, for family and kids, pet supplies and even clothing and accessories, making it an ideal place to shop.

Common Good & Co - Manhattan

Common Good & Co in Manhattan is a place to turn to for those interested in zero waste and carrying non-toxic, refillable household cleaning products, such as laundry and body care supplies.

Their Dish Soap Refill Box is a feature, holding 2.5 gallons and produced for sustainability with 86% less plastic and fully biodegradable materials.

They apply these to a diverse array of their products which include hand soap, laundry detergent, and spray cleaners all with refill options to reduce plastic waste.

Promoting sustainability, Common Good & Co offers practical and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to eco-conscious buyers.

Earth and Me based in Queens and providing eco-friendly products to Manhattan and Brooklyn for nothing on over $40 orders stand for sustainability without losing quality or affordability.

Established by Kayli Kunkel with the purpose of backing small-batch makers and reducing packaging, the store has a range of products

The brick-and-mortar place displays an extensive collection of zero-waste products for home and self care.

The Earth and Me community has donated over $1,300 to different environment and social justice projects which shows their dedication to the planet and its communities.

They have a variety of products such as eco-starter packs, home care, personal care and pet care which makes sustainable living simple and affordable.

The colorful streets of NYC have been explored and the best zero-waste stores located, thus can we all agree that NYC is THE perfect place for sustainable living and shopping?

Especially with so many zero-waste store gems, these establishments do not only serve to reduce our carbon footprint but also create jobs and hire local people, influencing the way we live our lives. 


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