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NYC's Must-Visit Women-Owned Vegan Spots

In the midst of the never-ending chaos of New York City, a silent but not-so-faint revolution is being spearheaded by a group of innovative women.

Blending the art of cooking with a profound empathy for all sentient beings and endorsing a vision that's close to their hearts: Veganism is a lifestyle that millions are adopting nowadays. No matter if you are a foodie or a passionate environmentalist, vegan food not only feeds your soul, but also for your body.

Each of these women has a captivating story to share, infusing their personal touches to elevate the restaurant experience beyond mere dining. From the local casual comfort spots that make you feel at home, to posh bistros, where vegan food is turned into the gustatory art pieces.

New York City, always ahead of the sustainability curve, has embraced the vegan lifestyle, landing it among the top five U.S. hotspots for vegans. It stands proudly alongside states like Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Hawaii, boasting around 622 vegans for every million people who call the city home. 

Since taking office in 2022, Mayor Eric Adams has passionately advocated for a plant-based lifestyle among New Yorkers. He's made significant strides, such as transforming NYC hospitals' default menu to plant-based options and introducing a meat-free holiday on 20th March. Furthermore, he's brought "Vegan Fridays" to over 1,700 schools across the city, offering free, healthy vegan meals to the 930,000 children in NYC public schools, marking a bold step towards enhancing public health.

Ready to meet the inspiring women behind these eateries and indulge in the delicious, innovative meals they're serving up? Come along with us as we explore the vibrant streets of New York City and discover 5 incredible women-owned vegan restaurants that you absolutely need to visit in 2024.

5 Top NYC Women-Owned Vegan Restaurants You Need to Try in 2024

VeganHood - Harlem Janine Smalls and Lanise Herman-Thomas

Owners of VeganHood in NYC

VeganHood, famously known for their plant-based fried chicken, is a place where each bite carries a tale of, simply, magic. Helmed by ladies who have a zeal for flavor, this gem unites the soul of Soul Food with the sound of authentic Caribbean cuisine. Imagine biting into crunchy fried vegan shrimps, enjoying a scoop of veggies gumbo or relishing a tasty plant-based burger. It is not JUST about good food-- it is a dining experience meticulously fashioned to delight your tongue and your heart. Come and see your new comfort place and enjoy every meal as a celebration of life (and love) on a plate.

Slutty Vegan - Harlem, Brooklyn Aisha “Pinky” Cole

Owner of Slutty Vegan

A restaurant that changes the game and gives fast food a meat-free touch. This Black-owned, woman-run restaurant raising the temperature on vegan cuisine, serving up tempting burgers, crispy fries, hot chicken sandwiches, and poppy plant-based dogs.

Modern Love - Brooklyn Isa Chandra Moskowitz

 Owner of Modern Love  in NYC

The cozy corner of vegan comfort food reimagined from scratches. Whether you're in the mood for brunch, dinner, dessert, or a cocktail, each plate and sip is a celebration of plant-based creativity. For dessert, be sure to try the vegan White Russian, a creamy cocktail made with coconut cream, or the tasty homemade cashew ice cream! 

Guevara’s - Brooklyn Alicia Guevara

Owner of Guevara's in NYC

Guevara's two bustling locations are a duo women-owned eatery calling you into a world of chocolate croissants, vegan lox bagels, and chilaquiles and so much more. Step inside their cafe for the perfect coffee or a boozy cocktail with a funky ambiance that automatically makes you happy.

Aunts et Uncles - Brooklyn Nicole and Michael Nicholas

Owners of  Aunts et Uncles

This Black-owned vegan establishment located in NYC serves delicious vegan crispy chicken sandwiches, Beyond tacos, and mac 'n' cheese that leave you with a sense of delight and satisfaction. It's not just a place to eat but a beautiful family inviting you to their colorful world of flavors and souvenirs.

Not only can you indulge in delicious plant-based foods, you can browse through a carefully handpicked selection of unique fashion, books, and funky gifts.

As we conclude our virtual culinary journey to discover these women-owned vegan restaurants, one thing is clear: these establishments are brimming with unique stories, where passion, creativity, and sustainability intertwine. From the warmth of soul food and Caribbean flavors at VeganHood to the lust in fast food at Slutty Vegan, the careful art of comfort food at Modern Love and the invention of the fusion of flavors at Guevara’s, these restaurants show a view on the dining. 

A plant-based diet is as just diverse, tasty and filling as any other food, and when they are led by visionary women, history is being made. Yes, we are changing the way we eat, but we're also leaving a remarkable footprint on the planet and the society.

Want to discover more good-for-the-planet businesses in NYC? Join our FREE community, Wallet Max Hub, and explore a wide range of sustainable options for dining, shopping, and so much more.


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