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October’s Emerald Summit in Review: Awards, Panelists, and Key Topics

Attendees spent this “Make a Difference Day” networking, improving their financial wellness, learning from industry experts, and celebrating three upcoming sustainability startups.

In this recap, we’d like to cover the Bold World Award and recognize our expert speakers and their sessions. You can also watch the recordings from our event in the Wallet Max Hub.

In-depth Expertise From Business and Sustainability Experts

Attendees tapped into expert knowledge through panels, workshops, and Q&A sessions dealing with climate action, financial sustainability, and business operations. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

Incorporating Climate Action

Achieving net zero goals hinges on conscious consumerism. But this behavior isn’t the sole responsibility of shoppers. As we learned from Nimreet Grewal, Founder of Soneha, and Melissa Dusenberry, Founder of All The Brilliants, businesses and consumers can work in tandem to promote a mindful consumerism culture in their panel, “How Conscious Consumerism Impacts Global Net Zero Goals.”

The circular economy plays a significant part in fostering conscious consumerism. CEO of Wallet Max and Bhuva’s Impact Global, Bhuva Shakti, focused on environmental challenges in her session “Circular Economy: How to transition into a greener, cheaper and simpler lifestyle.” She discussed the importance of addressing the circular economy to minimize waste, promote efficiency, and have a greater environmental impact in her

Grace Lam, Founder of Netacarbon, emphasized another aspect of climate action in her session, “Demystifying the Role of Carbon Finance in the Global Climate Transition.” Having extensive experience in sustainability solutions in the Global South, Grace demonstrated how carbon finance is essential to solving climate change on a global scale.

We also featured an in-depth session on zero waste for business operations. Co-founder of Think Zero, LLC, Ushma Pandya Mehta, offered her extensive expertise on waste and circularity in her session on “How companies can incorporate zero waste into their sustainability journey.

Promoting Financial Wellness

Cash flow is often challenging for startups and organizations attempting to balance sustainability with economic viability. However, our speakers highlighted the many ways businesses make an impact and maintain healthy cash flow.

In a panel on “Balancing Profit and Purpose,” Co-founder of Bolder Money, Amy Schultz, Finance Product Manager of Amazon Studios, Alexandra Raymond, and Shivani Ganguly, the CFO/COO of New Sun Road discussed how it is possible to be inclusive, sustainable, and profitable.

Another way to make an impact is through consciously investing in eco-friendly solutions. Alba Forns, COO and Co-founder of Climatize spoke about how both consumers and businesses can use their spending to create change in her session, “Impact Investing 101: Making a Difference with Your Financial Choices.”

Furthermore, attendees could get their business finance questions answered in a special Q&A session with financial wellness coaches.

Sustainable Operations and Risk Mitigation

Baking sustainability and inclusivity into your business operations and risk management is also crucial for making a long-term difference. Our experts also touched on key strategic topics specific to ESG and SDG-inspired organizations.

Emily Lonigro, President of LimeRed, led a workshop entitled “Certified B Corporations: How to Get Certified and Why it Matters for Your Governance and Bottom Line” to help businesses through the certification process.

In “Sustainably Communicating: How businesses can effectively share their environmental initiatives,” Sustainability Consultant Rebecca Schwartz guides attendees on using social media to educate consumers about their sustainability efforts.

Startups and businesses are also looking at ways to explain and mitigate climate risk and foster organizational resiliency. Insurance can be part of that solution. Founding Product Manager at FutureProof Technologies, Lauren van Oss, led discussions about climate risk and risk management in her session “Climate Insurance: How pricing climate risk correctly can build communities more resilient to climate change.”

Announcing Our 2024 ESG Awards

The cornerstone event of October’s Emerald Summit was the announcement of the 2024 Wallet Max Bold World Awards. Three businesses and startups will be measured according to ESG guidelines and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and awarded cash and non-monetary prizes.

In April 2024, we will recognize startups supporting the following goals:

  • Climate Action Business (SDG 13) – This organization takes urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

  • Best Food Security Innovation (SDG 2) — This organization has made strides to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

  • Sustainable FinTech Startup (SDG 8) — This award recognizes a fintech startup with sustained and inclusive economic growth and decent work for all.

Is your startup eligible? Yes, if your business is:

  • Not a partner, sponsor, speaker, or affiliated with a Wallet Max employee or board member

  • Able to prepare a 10-minute LIVE or pre-recorded speech to present at the Wallet Max Emerald Summit on April 26, 2024

  • A women-led startup where women-identified members represent 50% of the leadership team.

  • Maintains no more than 50 employees

  • Is legally registered and has been operating in your country of residence for at least one year.

The deadline for nominations is March 1st, 2024 — but the earlier, the better!

You can also join innovators like Startup Stack and Forcastr by becoming a sponsor. While proceeds from Emerald Summit ticket sales contribute towards the Bold Award cash prizes, our sponsors play a critical role in rewarding innovation and supporting change. To apply, you can reply to this email or contact us through our website.

Be a Part of the Change

The Wallet Max team is already hard at work organizing the April 2024 Emerald Summit Awards. You can become an impact investor and join our efforts to provide expert insight and educational resources to sustainable startups worldwide as a partner or sponsor.

You can also watch the October Summit’s recordings in our Wallet Max Hub, on-demand and for free.

To learn more about our bi-annual summit, you can review our 2023 speakers, topics, and agendas.


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