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The 5 Dominant Holiday Shopping Trends That Merchants Need To Know

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Consumers are craving quality digital shopping experiences this year when completing their holiday shopping online. Retailers need to remember to make the checkout processes they offer as smooth as possible to avoid being impacted by the possible abandonment of purchases due to frustrations.

The availability of items will be a strong factor in how many shoppers (71%, according to PYMNTS) choose to purchase holiday gifts and other seasonal items online.

Additionally, 28% of shoppers noted stock availability as playing an essential part in their preferred retailer. According to PYMNTS, 58% of shoppers are keeping a close eye on the rewards being offered to them via retailers when making their online purchases. This is an ideal time for companies to focus on the personalization of their rewards as a way to attract consumers to shop through their websites.

In addition to quality, availability, and personalization, an increased percentage of consumers are looking to be able to purchase seasonal items and gifts on a Buy Now, Pay Later arrangement (1.6% last year, 3% this year, according to Holiday Shopping Outlook).

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the growth of fraud has been on the rise within the eCommerce space. As online shopping has become more popular, so too has cyber theft. Those living paycheck to paycheck were the most targeted group during the 2020 holiday season.

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